Damn kids

I got a bunch of kids hanging out at my neighbor’s house. The minute they get to loud or start to fight. I’m going to yell. I probably sound like the old lady (I’m 29 btw) from hell. But when I was a teen we didn’t play loud music in someone’s neighborhood. And drink beer and yell. Things have sure changed from when I was a teen. My neighbor is going to be mad they parked in her parking spot. Anyways I started stretching my ears. Right now I got an 12g in. I thought it would be really painful it wasn’t too bad. I’m going on my 3rd day. So far so good. I’m not going to drastic with it I don’t want anything too noticeable and crazy. Oh well. Anyways it’s still cold here in Pa. Still 60 degrees it’s supposed to warm up later in the week. That can’t come too soon. I really hate the cold weather. Again it’s supposed to be June ie the Summertime not feel like it’s fall.


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