Well my grandma isn’t doing well. She is dying. They called last night and said she wouldn’t make it through the night. She did. So it’s another night I don’t know what to think. I am going to miss my grandma. I’m just depressed about the whole situation. I was and still am very close […]

Damn kids

I got a bunch of kids hanging out at my neighbor’s house. The minute they get to loud or start to fight. I’m going to yell. I probably sound like the old lady (I’m 29 btw) from hell. But when I was a teen we didn’t play loud music in someone’s neighborhood. And drink beer […]

It’s chilly

It’s chilly out. Nice sit out on the porch with a sweater weather. It was like this all day it didn’t stop me from shopping though. I had a great time shopping though it was a much needed retail therapy day. I needed it I had some family drama last night at my cousin’s graduation. […]

Up early

It’s early and a Saturday and I have no clue why I am up so early. Maybe it’s because I’m anxious to get to the mall. This money in my wallet is burning a hole in my soul. I need to spend it! Might be just womanly instinct though. Because I am a woman and […]


  Well I saw Dr. Last today. I feel a little bit better I needed to get a things out. Felt kind of funny though. He suggested I go see a therapist. Which I’m fine with. I’ll admit I talk to people (mainly myself) but I know they aren’t there. I’m lonley. I don’t go […]